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Sometimes You Gotta Relax

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I’ve gotta be honest, and let you know that the last few days have not been my best.  I’ve been pushing forward, building, learning, and implementing new income streams and I failed to take my own advice that I’ve blogged about earlier and thought I’d reiterate myself.

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Attention TO the Details

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The most sure way to succeed in anything. Attention to detail and work ethics go hand in hand. Most of us have a pretty solid grip on what our work ethic is if we’re honest with ourselves. For others the definition of detail, effort, and work are a little more convoluted.

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Plug and Play Money

 Yes this actually exists.  No it is not a scam. Yes it takes hard work (especially at first).   So what is plug and play money? It is all business. Especially Internet base business.

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One of the Best Speeches Ever!

I wanted to include this speech from Steve Jobs when addressed the Stanford University Graduates. If you haven’t watched this before you should take the opportunity now to do so.

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Information Overload

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You have to be careful you don’t succumb to Information Overload. When learning a new skill, task, way of thinking you need to make sure you COMPARTMENTALIZE what you’re learning. Beware: If you try to take on too much information and spread out your learning you will crumble and get so confused about which thought…

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