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The Biggest Social Media Revolution since Facebook!

There is a new Social Media Revolution among us! Yes, this is something to get excited about. It’s said that anyone can succeed at anything… this is true…. however, there are ALWAYS the FEW that get on board, and are on the LEADING EDGE of a new thing when it’s just in the beginning stages.…

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Designing Your Life

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Far too often, myself included don’t Design Our Lives. What I mean by that is we don’t deliberately do the things in our life that we want the most. Yes, we all have dreams and we all have a vision of what our ideal lives are or will be.  However, the point is that we…

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The Greatest Salesman in the World

Possibly one of the best books of All Time! Have you heard of this book? If not, and you want to increase your sales, personal, communication, and connection skills this is a MUST READ! The book teaches principles of salesmanship, success, communication, and progress. Two days ago I finished this book.  Not only did I…

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When to Take Advantage?

Opportunities are everywhere, everyday.  Sometimes you have to look for them and other times they find you.  However, no matter how many opportunities come your way all are pointless if you don’t do anything about it.   If you happen to be a person with a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit and go-getter attitude, putting…

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How to Double your Productivity

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Just what everyone wants to know! A common misconception with productivity is that productivity = busy.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re searching for time freedom, financial freedom, or simply less stress you need to learn how to step up your productivity. Doing this isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s not necessarily hard…

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