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When Life Throws You Lemons

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“When life throws you lemons, make lemonade right?” For a long time I never really paid much attention to that saying, but rather gave it the surface value that I think most all of us do. Maybe it’s just me, bu I’v always used it in a context that revolves around positive things  and good…

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Know Your Roots

I’ve just moved back to the USA a couple days ago after a one year adventure in Australia! It was a brilliant and fully packed year filled with  my marriage to my beautiful wife, adventure, new experiences, great food, new friends, and the overall experience of a fantastic country! I fell in love with Australia…

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Look to Your New Adventures!

At any time you are either moving forward, or you are moving backwards. There is no such thing as neutral and staying still. – The Slight Edge Jeff Olson I’ve said it many times throughout various blog posts, but that’s because its true and that it’s always good to be reminded of. Our lives are…

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