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Spontaneity, Mini Vacations, and Freedom

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The other day Jess (my wife) and I were sitting around at home. I got up early as I usually do, went through my morning routine, and accomplished about half of the tasks on my to-do list for the day by about midday. We were sitting at the kitchen table discussing what we wanted to…

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Your Number One Productivity Tool

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There have been hundreds of articles and reviews written on this productivity and organizational tool.  However, I only recently began using it full time.  It has completely changed my life from a productivity and organizational vantage. What is it? Evernote.  Of course. Sometime in mid 2014 I signed up for Evernote as I saw it…

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Fitness for Profits

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  Regardless if you’re an entrepreneur, intro-preneur, want-repreneur, or you have a regular job this ONE thing will help you in your next breakthrough! We all have moments where we get so caught up in work that it becomes all- consuming.  We lose focus, or we get into a routine that has become detrimental.  Such…

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Get a Mentor Today… For FREE

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Get a Mentor Today… For FREE   I know that I have readers from all over the World, but the majority of you are located in the USA.  This article today is really only applicable to those of you that live in the USA.  However, you may be able to find a similar program within…

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