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Dane Reis
Dane Reis • Creator of the Insta Growth 4DC

What to expect from the 4DC

Whether you Like it or Not... our industry is changing, and the reality is you NEED to have large Instagram following to Book more Gigs.

It's time You start thinking AND marketing yourself like the business you are!

My 4 Day Challenge will teach you step-by-step, HOW to...

  • Properly use Instagram to get Your EXTRA Edge needed to book more gigs!
  • How to get the biggest "bang for your buck" out of every post!
  • Get 20+ NEW Targeted, Interactive, and REAL Followers EVERY SINGLE DAY!
    • I've used this exact method to grow my account to over 23,000 followers, and helped many others easily break 10K!

Each day I'll cover a new element of how to grow your account with unique followers and get the most out of Instagram.

At the end of the 4th day you'll have everything you need to go out and explode your follower base with 20+ REAL, Targeted, Interactive Followers!

It's not rocket science... BUT, you MUST do a few things correctly to make this work properly.

Register NOW and get each day of training sent directly to your inbox!

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CORE Market Research!

I'll show you how to find your target market. I'll show you how to effectively and quickly find the Authority Accounts in your niche. 

Regardless of what you do... You'll be able to find the best accounts to leverage, which ensures your account grows with targeted followers who are interested in You and what You do!


It's Hashtag Day!

I'll show you how to systematically find the best hashtags in your niche.

This will ensure you get the most out of each post and expand your influence on Instagram!


"There's and App for that"

Today I'll show you the best Apps to use to get the most out of your marketing, save you time, and make your Instagram marketing easier!


The Method.

Today I'll teach you the exact step-by-step method to use to grow your Instagram account with REAL Targeted Followers. 

Today we combine all the pieces from Day 1, 2, and 3 to create an Instagram Growth Machine! 

Why am I giving this away?

This is my way of giving back. I'm an entertainer just like you. I've been fortunate to perform all over the World. I've lived in Vegas the last 4 years, and have performed in 8 resident shows on the Vegas Strip. Most recently, BAZ Star Crossed Love at the Palazzo. 

I love this industry, and if I can help you book more work by simply learning how to leverage Instagram properly... I should. I do this for my small business clients every day. Why not help out the people and industry that has provided me with such an amazing lifestyle?!

I also own a marketing company that designs custom marketing systems and branding solutions for businesses across the USA and Internationally.

With the recent news proving that Instagram is NOW a serious deciding factor when it comes to who gets booked on gigs... I knew I could help.

I created a custom and specialize system, designed specifically for us entertainers, dancers, singers, actors, and models. 

I am at a point, I'm happy to share my knowledge and marketing expertise with our community to help empower and give those that choose to take advantage of this training the extra edge they need to book more gigs. 

Register NOW and get each day of training sent directly to your inbox!

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