Are you on the 40/40 Track?

Are you on the 40/40 Track?  Chances are you are, and if you’re not then everything in your mind thinks you should be.

What is the 40/40 Track?

The 40/40 Track is how you’ll spend the rest of your life.

Are you on the 40/40 Track?

Work 40 hours a week for 40 years, then retire.

Sound about right?  You may be thinking, “well I can’t even get a job!” or “I only work part time.”  Ok, I’ll give you that, but your mind isn’t unemployed and your mind isn’t part time.  Your mind is driven to single handedly squeeze the most earnings out of the working hours in the day.

Chances are you want more money, right?

So, chances are you’d like to have full time work to get that money, right?

Now, obviously there is a place for employment because we all need money to eat, shelter, and cloth ourselves.  However, you as an individual are only capable of so much work every day.  We all have the same 24 hours in the day to utilize.  Yet, some of us manage to make a lot more money with that same 24 hours.

How is that possible?

People that have attained financial wealth or independence did it only by jumping OFF the 40/40 Track.

So how’d they do it?

They learn how to duplicate themselves.  Think about a grain of wheat.  It can do 1 of 3 things, either be eaten, saved for later and made into something, or replanted and multiply.  If farmers don”t replant some of their grains of wheat it wouldn’t take very long until all the wheat was gone.  The key is multiplication and duplication.  Make sense?

So, How do you duplicate yourself?

There are literally thousands of books out there and hundreds of business models and systems that will teach how to do just that.  So while you have your job working 40 hrs a week you can be investing some of your earnings into your education and learning how to duplicate yourself instead of buying a new pair of jeans or having another beer.

It’s really quite simple, because unlike school where we were always punished for copying peoples work, in business that is exactly what you do.  You copy what others have done before and proven that work and you will be able to jump off the 40/40 Track.

I personally duplicate myself using many different tools.  I use auto responding email, video, blogs, back linking, bookmarking, marketing, and a small dash of creativity and I am able to essentially copy/ paste myself all over the world instantaneously and thus duplicating myself anywhere.

Are you on the 40/40 Track?

Using a few simple tricks I’m able to have days that the systems I’ve set up working hundreds of hours a day on autopilot.

In other words, if I have 100 Me’s our there marketing, talking, emailing for a standard 8 hour day, I have effectively had the productivity of 800 hours in one day!  This is how you gain wealth.  This is how you jump off the 40/40 Track.  Simply put, you as an individual working 8 hours a day cannot compete with people like me that are duplicating ourselves.

The brilliant part of all this is that YES you can CHANGE this.  It’s not too difficult.  YES, you have to learn new skills, but that’s not really that big of a deal if you’ve ever held a job or passed a class.  You had to learn specific skills for that right?  Same thing.  YES, it can be a bit scary and daunting doing out-of-the-box things, but there are a lot of people out there willing to help you out and personally share tips and guide you along the way.  Myself included.

If duplicating yourself and learning how to get off the 40/40 Track sounds like what you need then click here to get some totally FREE TRAINING to see what I mean and by taking this Free 7-Day Bootcamp.

I hope you enjoy, and as always, I’m happy to Skype or email with you if you have any questions.

Are you on the 40/40 Track?



  1. Jeremiah Sparks on February 20, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    I’m interested

    • Dane Reis Dane Reis on February 21, 2013 at 1:31 am

      HeyJeremiah- I recommend that you watch my Video Bootcamp (it’s free). You’ll be able to learn more about what I’m talking about and get a better understanding to and see if it’s a good fit for you. Get the Bootcamp here:

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