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The Problem with Online Prospecting for Network Marketers

problem with online prospecting

Online prospecting is no new thing, but it has come center stage in the past couple years. With the advent of apps like Snapchat and Instagram people have been taking to the internet in droves to market their opportunities and products. These platforms are absolutely amazing! They give each of us an equal playing field…

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Struggling to Get Prospects to See the Vision You See?

Struggling to Get Prospects to See Your Vision?

Time to Read: 2 minutes   When you started your Home Based Business it was exciting! I’m sure you can remember the light bulb switching on to the concepts of time freedom, residual income, and no more jobs! It’s for these reasons, plus many more I am such a huge fan of the home business/…

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No Hype. MLM Leads.

No Hype MLM Leads Image

Time to read article: less than 2 min 30 sec   Leads… The never ending saga us marketers and business owners never seem to have enough of. I’m nearly positive if you’re reading this you have been on the hunt for consistent targeted leads for quite some time now. You’ve had this revelation… “I know…

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My Digital Prospecting BREAKTHROUGH

My Digital Prospecting Breakthrough Image

The other day I had what I’d like to call a ‘Breakthrough’…  It suddenly dawned on me as to why there’s a problem with digital prospecting… There’s no mistaking it anymore, we have all become Internet savvy. With that we have also become savvy consumers. Before we buy we read reviews, find coupon codes, or…

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