Insider Secrets Your Upline Will Never Tell You

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There is an existing idea that your Upline always has your best interest at heart. After all, their success and growth is contingent on your success and growth. Therefore, it only makes sense they’d do everything in their power to help you, and facilitate your success.

It’s unfortunate, but there are a few “secrets” your Upline would prefer you do not discover until you’ve made it towards the top of the compensation plan. The worst part is that these “secrets” literally hold you back, hinder your success, growth, and result in the majority of people burning out of the business.

Secret #1:

Your Upline knowingly throws you to the sharks.  They know how difficult traditional prospecting is, and to be successful with traditional prospecting, you will have to endure being beaten to an emotional pulp to become successful. They don’t tell you this for obvious reasons, but instead throw you to the sharks hoping a small percentage will have a tough enough skin or already possess some magical marketing power needed to start generating momentum.

Secret #2:

Many successful network marketers… the leaders in your organization do not have the lifestyle you want.  Sure, they’re making multiple six, or even seven figures, but they are run off their feet driving, flying, traveling everywhere and anywhere to maintain their business. My brother is a multiple six figure earner in a health and wellness company…  Always on the road, away from his wife and daughter, stuck in his Audi… driving hundreds of thousands of miles to give presentations.

Secret #3:

Many network marketing companies are slow moving, conservative corporations.  They cannot offer you the best, most efficient business building tools because the market changes too quickly and they cannot keep up on such a large scale. More importantly, if they promote business building tools that take advantage of technologies in 2016, they’ll effectively disqualify themselves from the concept of duplication, because some tools (though powerful) require something else (like the internet), and the only “sure and legal way” to guarantee duplication is to teach old, inefficient prospecting methods.

Instead of doing something about it and adapting to how marketing and business growth is done in 2016, they hide behind the facade of “Building Relationships” while they’re truly playing the “Numbers Game.”  In doing so, they mislead thousands of people and hurt the reputation of the very organization that provides their lifestyle.

There is a better way to do business. You live in an age where everyone is online, everyone is interconnected, and digital tools make marketing and sharing your business opportunities not only easy, but affordable.

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. You’ll likely never change they way your Upline does business, but you can change the way you do business. Take control of your business and your legacy! Look, if you’re reading this, chances are “traditional” business growth methods aren’t working out so well for you.

The fact is, there are only 4 simple things you need to have in order to grow a home business in 2016. When you use them together you’ll be able to automate your prospecting, have leads chasing you, never have to pressure friends or family, and never have to talk to a stranger again.

What are they?

  1. Landing Page
  2. Lead Magnet
  3. Autoresponder
  4. Offer

That’s it, and you already have at least one of them! However, it’s not enough to simply have the tools, or only have them connected.

They must be combined and leveraged in a very specific way if you want to Automate Your Prospecting, develop relationships, turn cold leads into red hot ones, and have leads chasing you.

Not sure what those 4 things are? If you do, not sure about how to effectively combine and leverage them? I’ve written a free quick-read guide that explains everything. You can get it below.

It’s time you make your business work for You, instead of the other way around… and in 2016, it’s easier than ever before!

How-To Leverage the 4 Things You NEED

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