My Digital Prospecting BREAKTHROUGH

The other day I had what I’d like to call a ‘Breakthrough’…  It suddenly dawned on me as to why there’s a problem with digital prospecting…

There’s no mistaking it anymore, we have all become Internet savvy. With that we have also become savvy consumers. Before we buy we read reviews, find coupon codes, or pop over to Amazon to see if we can get it cheaper. Am I right, or am I right?

With this newly acquired, and quite complex skill we have also learned to ignore and see through the vast majority of marketing strategies being taught and implemented by the “gurus”.

The way to build and grow a business online has changed. It is no longer effective to send direct links to offers, or blast your opportunity everywhere. Spam and blanket marketing no longer works efficiently. There’s no more, “Let’s throw money at it and hope some people stick” anymore, (that is unless you have a marketing budget of at least $10k per month). The conversion rates using those marketing methods are so low now that the only way to move forward in 2016 and beyond is Relevancy. 

Of course being relevant has always been the best way to grow, but traditionally it is slow paced and takes a lot of work. That’s why people are moving their business building to the Internet in droves. The only problem is next to no one online is doing it (or has figured out how to do it) correctly.

By blending together and leveraging digital tools with a system focused on relationships and relevancy, I’ve managed to turn the tables on digital prospecting and business growth!

Getting ahead of the status quo is the name of THIS game, and people will love you for it because you’ll be treating them like real humans, and not a number!

It’s too much to describe in detail through this short article, but take a couple minutes and have a quick look at what is “revolutionizing an industry.”

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