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The never ending saga us marketers and business owners never seem to have enough of. I’m nearly positive if you’re reading this you have been on the hunt for consistent targeted leads for quite some time now.

You’ve had this revelation…

“I know what I have is great. Now, all I need is to get the right eye balls in front of it, and they’ll see it too.”

It seems so simple, yet it is the #1 struggle of all businesses! It doesn’t matter if you’re traditionally prospecting people as you meet them in your daily life, or if you’ve taken to the internet to find them. Leads are the constant hiccup in the vast majority of businesses.

You can have the most amazing business, leadership, compensation plan, products, followup series, and sales funnel… but if you don’t have new targeted leads looking at your offer, you’ll never grow because there’s no one to talk to, align with you, or buy your products. Simple as that.


So… How do we solve this LEAD problem? How do you consistently get new targeted leads to talk to? … and… How do you do it without spending thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads?


Lucky for you, you found this article, and my business successes have enabled me to give away much of the knowledge and methodologies I used to charge for. Sure, it’ll cost you an email address, but the primary reason I’m doing this is because I struggled and bootstrapped for over 5 years. To be honest, it was incredibly difficult! I nearly gave it all up many times. Entrepreneurship is a double edged sword. It has been both the hardest road I’ve ever gone down, and also the most fulfilling adventure of my life!

When I was in the thick of the entrepreneurship struggle, all I wanted was for someone to show me a NO-Hype, Totally Actionable, Lead Generation solution that actually worked.

This is my opportunity to give back and give you what I wanted when I struggled so much.

I created a lead generation methodology that will give you targeted niche leads every day.


Once you’re up and running you can look forward to approximately 20 targeted leads per day for free! From there, you’ll easily build a rapport and relationship with them and direct them to whatever your business or opportunity may be!


*Let me be clear… this is a free lead generation method. It is simple enough and not incredibly time consuming, but you do need to be consistent and perform a short series of simple tasks every day. The only question is… “Are you willing to spend a few minutes a day for 20 targeted leads or not?”

The complete methodology is far too long to include in an article. Instead, it’s best you download the guide. It’s my top selling guide, 63 pages long, and packed full of actionable content to get your targeted lead generation machine up and running asap…. and it’s your’s totally free! I’ll even help you get converting even faster with My Personal and Proven Script Template BONUS!

My hope is my experience inside this guide will enable you to shorten your journey to success. Click on the Guide Below to begin raking in Targeted, Niche Leads! Enjoy.


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