Struggling to Get Prospects to See the Vision You See?

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When you started your Home Based Business it was exciting! I’m sure you can remember the light bulb switching on to the concepts of time freedom, residual income, and no more jobs! It’s for these reasons, plus many more I am such a huge fan of the home business/ network marketing industry.

After you got your head wrapped around the business model and business building concepts it was time to go out and build your empire, but if you’re like most people you ran into a bit of a wall. Perhaps you registered a few family and friends, but gaining traction and momentum after that became difficult. You counseled with your Upline, you did what they said to do when prospecting, but nothing really seemed to work.

To You, network marketing is the simplest decision to make! The business model is fair, it works, it’s powerful, it provides residual income, it provides time freedom and financial independence. What’s not to love about it, right?

So why the heck is it so hard to get prospects to see the vision as clearly as you do?

There are a handful of factors, and it’s not your fault the prospecting methods you’re using have dismal results. You have been mislead.

To sum it up into one word… it is Relevancy.

The “traditional” prospecting methods taught by most Uplines do not work (effectively) anymore. There was a time when approaching someone in public and prospecting them worked… but that was decades ago. The difference in THIS generation is the way we communicate. It is much more technology based. Think… aren’t you more likely to send a text or email to a friend or colleague rather than showing up at their house or giving them a call?

Many network marketers have figured at least this much out, and have moved online to prospect, but they’re doing the exact same thing. Sending their business links to every Facebook friend, LinkedIn connection, or Twitter follower they have. The offers come out of left field with no rhyme or reason but to sell and promote their opportunity. This method worked for a short time, but now everyone has been pitched a network marketing opportunity, and they see you coming a mile away.

If you want to grow your business in 2017 and beyond there is only one way you’re going to be successful. You must stop playing the numbers game. You must start playing the Relationships and Relevancy game.

In 2017 it is easier than ever before to grow your home business! In fact, you only need 4 Simple Things and you will be able to Automate your Prospecting, Build Real Relevant Relationships with your Prospects, and have Leads Chasing you. You will never hassle friends and family, or talk to strangers again.

What are they?
  1. Landing Page
  2. Lead Magnet
  3. Autoresponder
  4. Your Offer

That’s it, and you already have at least one of them! However, it’s not enough to simply HAVE these tools, or have them connected.

They must be combined and leveraged in a very specific way if you have any hopes of Automating Your Prospecting, Building Relevant Relationships, and turning cold leads into red hot ones.


If you are not clear on what these 4 things are, or you’re struggling to effectively combine and leverage them. I’ve written a free quick-read guide that explains everything. Get it below.

It’s time to bring relevancy to your business and make your business work for You, instead of the other way around… and in 2017, it’s easier than ever before!

How-To Leverage the 4 Things You NEED

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