The Problem with Online Prospecting for Network Marketers

Online prospecting is no new thing, but it has come center stage in the past couple years. With the advent of apps like Snapchat and Instagram people have been taking to the internet in droves to market their opportunities and products.

These platforms are absolutely amazing! They give each of us an equal playing field and enable us to easily communicate within a niche on a global scale! The power of these apps is mind boggling, but almost no one is leveraging them properly.

Everyone seeks the magic bullet. A simple, set it and forget it technique that will have them rolling in residual paychecks with as little effort and work as possible. This is nothing new, and for anyone who has built a business knows this magic solution does not exist.

There is only working hard at working smart. 

Posting on any social media platform is easy. Hashtag-ing is easy. Reposting professional images and quotes other people took the time to create is easy. It’s so easy that that has become the norm. It is what everybody does. Social media marketing for most people has become a game of spam. People are joining network marketing companies and their Upline’s are advising them to market all over platforms like Instagram. So what happens? Everyone begins doing it.

Posting your products and opportunities on social media has become the new “Prospect your warm market first.” 

It makes sense though if you’re a leader trying to instill confidence and get people jacked up about prospecting. You can post just about anything you want, and with a few semi-researched hashtags, get immediate interaction on your post. It makes you feel great. People are looking at your stuff! The problem is it has almost no effect on your business, and all those “likes” don’t translate to sales.

Don’t believe me? Open up Instagram and search the hashtag #itworks Currently, over 4.4 million posts tagged!!

ItWorks is a great company with great products! However, they have become one of the most spammy companies online. What most their distributors don’t realize is that they are not doing themselves any favors by posting opportunity and product images. They’re just branding their network marketing company for free. It works out great for the network marketing company though (no pun intended)… who doesn’t want free marketing?

If this sounds like you and how you market and prospect it’s ok. Trust, you’re not alone… but you do need to change the way you prospect online if you actually want to leverage the internet to grow your business.

You need to learn how to build relationships. You need to learn how to be relevant to your prospects. That is the only way you’ll grow! You need to give your prospects a reason to work with you versus the millions of other people that promote your exact opportunity (or 10s of millions of people promoting similar opportunities).

The good news… it isn’t rocket science, but it will take more work than posting and hashtags. I host a free webinar training that will teach you to create what I call, “The Magnetic Prospecting Machine.” It will teach you how to actually get prospects to hunt you down online! It’s not some gimmick, or some get rich quick deal. This is an actual systematized way of prospecting online, building relevant relationships, and turning those relationships into customers and team members. It’s 100% actionable training that will leave you with everything you need to go and create your own Magnetic Prospecting Machine.

If you want to learn how to properly leverage social media and the internet to grow your business… get yourself registered NOW!

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All the best to you and your business. Learn to become relevant.


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