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For small business owners needing to move out of obscurity and dominate their market... I automate your prospecting, branding, and client generation. From consulting to fully customized, integrated branding, and lead generation solutions... I've got you covered.

Look, here's the cut and dry of it... existing solutions for hiring out social media, branding, and digital marketing services are wildly expensive! Existing agencies only target big business, while small businesses are left completely underserved because there is no way they can afford their fees. For example, basic social media management will run you at least $1,000 per month!  

As a small business owner, you are what this country is built on. You owe it to yourself and your community to be as successful as you possibly can! I provide a range of large agency services and customization for a small business budget. 


First, we figure out your exact needs, goals, and vision for your business.


Next, we get to work designing and creating your custom campaign to achieve your goals.


Last, we implement the campaign and continue to followup to ensure we are staying aligned with your vision.

Mantras I Live By

Work Hard at Working Smart. There is no such thing as the "Magic Bullet" solution. Only consistent smart work.

Don't be a Spam Bot... Relevancy is EVERYTHING! Without RELEVANCY you cannot have a profitable business.

Building real relationships and finding your X-Factor is your Unfair Advantage.

Core Services

Everything is customizable to your precise needs beyond the list of services below...

Digital Dust-Off

1 hour consultation to get your ducks in a row so All your digital platforms are working together in a strategized way to build a congruent brand across all platforms. I consult. You do the work.

Instagram Growth

Instagram is the #1 Platform you need to be spending your time on for a plethora of reason. (reach out if you want to know why). I grow your account with Targeted, Local Followers to get the correct eyeballs on your content!

Email Marketing Campaigns

Create a customized, segmented, and tagged email campaign to track your leads and ensure you're communicating with them in a relevant way... Building relationships and closing more deals!


You need high quality copy that converts and builds relationships with your readers. How about 44% Open Rates and 9% Click Throughs? That's what I've done.

My Fusion Profits

This is a full service stand-alone product and system designed specifically for Network Marketers to Automate their Prospecting and Lead Generation. If you're struggling to get prospects to show your opportunity to, REGISTER for my free Webinar and learn how to get prospects to actually hunt you down!

1-on-1 Coaching

100% customized coaching that will double, triple, and even 10X your business growth! We start by looking at your goals, challenges, and opportunities you might be missing. I'll keep you accountable, take your skills to the next level, and develop the mindset required to dominate your market! Schedule one of my 30min Business Breakthrough Sessions to discover what I can do for You!

Reputation Management

Like it or not, Yelp has the power to make and break your business! 

It is vital you manage your reputation within Yelp. The majority of your potential clients/ customers will check you out on Yelp before they visit your website or walk through the door.


Book me for to come into your business and speak or teach on a variety of subjects...

  • Group masterclasses on Effective Online Branding
  • Creating a Magnetic Prospecting Machine
  • Motivation
  • Entrepreneurship

Services that actually work

Every single one of the services and products I offer are NOT based on gimmicks, hype, or "magic bullet" solutions.

Everything is based on fundamentals that never change. I leverage the latest tools and platforms to squeeze the most out of current technology, while staying consistent with the core values that are the foundation of your business and client relationships.

Dane Reis

Dane Reis

Featured FREE Training

Get Registered for my 100% Actionable Webinar Training where you'll learn how to create what I call the, "Magnetic Prospecting Machine" and Learn How to get Prospects to Actually Hunt You Down!

This training is targeted for network marketers, but every business owner will benefit from this training.

You'll learn how to properly be relevant and build relationships online.

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