I GET entertainers To book the job more consistently

Create a successful entertainment career in today's world.

How I can help you

I get entertainers to book more jobs, nail their auditions, and get noticed by using my specific process to create long-term, successful entertainment careers. 

The marketplace and competition out there is incredibly tough. Most people think they can rely on their talent and skills alone to get them booked, but it's rarely the case. 

It takes much more than talent to create a successful entertainment career.

After 17 years working at the highest levels of the entertainment industry and interviewing more entertainment professionals than anyone else in the World on how to create successful careers... 

I have discovered the fundamentals, processes, frameworks, and mindsets that consistently produce long-term, balanced, fulfilling, and successful entertainment careers in a world that requires us to adapt quickly to the growing competition and virtualization of our industry.


The You Booked It Podcast is the #1 resource of expertise for how to create a successful entertainment career.

I chat with entertainment professionals from all over the industry to fundamentally understand what it takes to make this industry your career.

Every episode is like a mini-masterclass. No one has interviewed more experts on the subject. 


The You Booked It Community is your go-to entertainment career resource (and it's free).

Connect with hundreds of members, and build relationships with Tony Winners, Emmy Nominees, Grammy Mentioned Artists, Broadway Performers, Choreographers, Casting Directors, Film & Voice Actors, and People like yourself navigating this industry.

Are You a serious performer?
Access unlimited Masterclasses and join regular group coaching sessions with me as a CommunityPLUS+ member.


This On-Demand Workshop teaches you how to Get Noticed and Book the Job More Consistently so You can Create a Successful Entertainment Career.

This is where the rubber meets the road, and you actually learn what you need to do.

Finally get the answers and guidance you've been looking for!

Immediately Access the Workshop and Resources.

Learn More & Attend the Workshop

Work with Me

For serious performers wanting to truly create a professional entertainment career, and those needing to revitalize what they're currently doing. 

Learn my Core Process for booking more work, standing out, and creating a long term professional career.

Apply for mentorship.

"I wish there was something like this when I was starting out my career! You can take all the dance, singing, and acting classes you want, but nobody really tells you the ins and outs of a successful career. I absolutely love Dane's approach to HELP fellow entertainers! Thanks for this great platform!"

Natalie Brown

Vegas Headliner

"The Real Deal!"

Dane is the real deal. Savvy across many elements of the entertainment industry. He is able to connect... and articulate the concerns, struggles, and challenges most entertainers share.

Larry Powell

Founder StudioHFL

"Best in Theatre"

Want to hear the best in Theatre? Dane really touches on all aspects of his craft.

DS Edwards

Comedy Entrepreneur

"Dane is a GIFT!"

His passion to share knowledge and inspiration is completely genuine... so much value for performers in all different stages of your career. Don't miss out...

Kelly Youngman

Broadway Actor

"What a Pro!"

Dane is a true pro... he asks great questions and makes sure [you] are not only comfortable, but also encouraged to tell [your] stories.

Cliff Goldmacher


"A must for aspiring performance artists"

Learn what to do and what not to do from real professionals working in the industry.



Invaluable for the next generation of artists.

Kim Hale

Public Relations Expert
owner Kim Hale PR

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