Dane Reis grew up in the small city of Missoula, Montana where he got a late start to the performing arts. For the first 17.5 years of his life he was your regular jock. Then, a series of injuries forced him out of sports. Thanks to his sister's friend he was introduced to the dance and performance world. Dane is your classic GLEE! / High School Musical story. 

For some time, the immediate transition from sports to the arts caused a lot of social unease. Which led to a depression and questioning about where he belonged in the world.

Then, successes began coming his way. From prestigious choirs, leading roles, and even to being voted the #1 collegiate mascot in the United States! Shifting gears, he knew he needed more... and off he went to further his training and the renowned Boston Conservatory for musical theatre.

Making the decision to go to Boston was huge. Dane left a full-ride scholarship to willingly take on over $120,000 in student debt. While there, he quickly discovered he had a lot of catching up to do. His skillset improved dramatically over the next three years, and upon graduation he moved to NYC with a new agent and big dreams.


Dane showed up in Manhattan bright eyed and bushy tailed, hit the audition grind, and quickly realized he had zero idea what he was doing!? He didn't know the details of Actors Equity, how to get an apartment, how to hustle and network, or even how to audition properly! He had a great skillset, but that was about it. 

With student loan payment coming due, self doubt began creeping in. He thought, "Am I even supposed to be here?" "Is this even what I want to be doing for the rest of my life?" Those thoughts were even scarier than not knowing what to do because he had just spent thousands of hours, dollars, and years of his life training for this moment... and now he was unsure? It didn't make sense.

Then one day, his agent Chris called. "You Booked It", he said. A month later, off he went to be part of creation for an exciting new project that would take him around the world and where he would meet the love of his life.


While on that contract Dane discovered his purpose. It was a December day in Monte Carlo, walking through the Christmas Markets and it dawned on him. What he realized truly inspired him was the work, and using the work to create incredible experiences. No longer was success tied to a specific show, city, or market, but rather the creation of... and living his bigger vision.

That epiphany is what has enabled Dane to create such a broad, diverse, and successful career! He always positions himself for what will fulfill him in every aspect of life. Not just the creative/ artistic side, but how everything comes together for his family.

It's about looking at the big picture and structuring opportunities to best serve his circumstances in a creative and fulfilling way.


Because of how horrifically unprepared Dane was when he entered the industry professionally he has always been transparent and forthcoming with his peers and cast mates about how to best navigate this career. His innate need and desire to do this led to the creation of 'You Booked It'.

At first, it was a Podcast that regularly delivered interviews with top experts from all over the industry about how to actually create a successful career. 

The podcast isn't about making in on Broadway or Hollywood, but rather how do you create a sustainable, long-term, and fulfilling career as an entertainment professional. How do you move between markets and transition your career as your goals and circumstances adapt? That is the mission.

This naturally expanded into the You Booked It Community where Dane connects aspiring and current professionals together so they can get first hand guidance, information, and build true industry relationships. 

Then, came the Masterclasses. Dane regularly brings in top professionals to teach on their area of expertise from all over the industry, and on topics that actually move you forward.


Today, Dane gets entertainers to book more jobs, nail their auditions, and get noticed by using his specific process so they create long term, successful entertainment careers.

The marketplace and competition out there is incredibly tough. Most people think they can rely on their talent and skills alone to get them booked, but it's rarely the case. It takes much more than talent to create a successful entertainment career.

Through his own successful career and interviewing more experts on the subject of how to create successful entertainment careers, Dane has become the go-to expert on the subject while simultaneously building one of the most diverse networks of entertainment professionals in the World.

Dane is focused on helping entertainers adapt to the growing competition and virtualization of our industry through his discovered fundamentals, processes, frameworks, and mindsets that consistently produce long-term, balanced, fulfilling, and successful entertainment careers!

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